Vinyl Deck Surface - November 17th 2006

Vinyl Deck Surface

Q: My sundeck has a fibreglass surface and an aluminium railing. It is beginning to have a few soft spots on the deck, which I assume is the plywood starting to rot. This spring I will probably have to start with some repairs. I haven't been too happy with the fibreglass because every few years it has starting cracking and I have had to resurface it (not cheap process). I would like to ask you what other options I have. I am not too crazy about what looks to me like a vinyl carpet. My sundeck is quite large and has a northern exposure. Could you please help me choose something that is durable, easy to keep clean with little upkeep and not overly expensive?

A: One of the best options is a very durable membrane to keep the water out and also give a presentable cosmetic appearance. Duradek vinyl sundeck covering would be an ideal choice for this application. Call 866-591-5594 to talk to an applicator in your area and ask them about their 60-mil vinyl decking membrane. I'm sure you will be happy with it.