(Video) Spruce Up Exterior Look Of Your Cottage - April 9th 2015

(Video) Spruce Up Exterior Look Of Your Cottage



Q:  We recently purchased a cottage and are in the process of doing some upgrades.  The previous owners built a garage and guest suite and only partially finished the exterior by applying a scratch coat.  We would like to finish this in cedar siding.  Are we able to apply the siding directly on the scratch coat?  Do we need to remove it first, or is there some other process or application that would be more suitable?


A:  To apply any type of siding, it is best to remove all stucco and wire mesh.  This allows for replacement of exterior tar paper or an air barrier (i.e. Tyvek) to ensure a weather-sealed envelope, as well as proper detailing to wood trims around doors, windows and corners. 




Before applying wood siding, it is best to prime or seal the back side to enhance the life of your choice of exterior finish, be it paint or stain.