Video - Repair Crack In Concrete Patio - March 25th 2015

Video - Repair Crack In Concrete Patio



Q: We have a concrete patio in our backyard. I have noticed a pretty large crack that has appeared over the last few winters. I am hoping this is something I can repair. The crack is about two feet long, one-half inch deep and one-quarter inch wide. Can you recommend a product I can use to repair this?


A: First, wash the area well and rinse well. The crack can be filled with a foam backer rod available in one-eighth-inch to three-inch diameters, depending on the size of the crack. Set the backer rod in the crack one-eighth of an inch from the surface. (Backer rods are available at building supply stores.) Apply Weldbond or concrete adhesive over the rod and cure for one to two hours. Then apply polyurethane caulking - a grey or concrete colour - into the crack crevice.


Sprinkle dry sand over caulking and brush off excess using a paint brush. Let cure for 12 hours.