(Video) Painting A Brick Fireplace - February 6th 2015

(Video) Painting A Brick Fireplace



Clay fireplace bricks can be stained using wood semi-transparent if you wish to change the colour.  I strongly recommend however, that you do a test brick before you tackle the whole fireplace.  Stain a sample brick first to see if you achieved the desired look.  If the existing brick is glazed, you will not be successful with a stain and in this case, applying an acrylic latex exterior paint would have to be your choice.


NOTE:  Always ensure your brick is clean using Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula.  When applying acrylic latex paint, apply immediately after rinsing while still damp.  Start at the bottom and work up one row at a time.  Brush the mortar line first and roll the brick faces second.


SPECIAL NOTE:  When painting with acrylic latex, use a nylon or synthetic paintbrush.