(Video) How To Ventilate Your Home - May 18th 2016

(Video) How To Ventilate Your Home

Shell Busey interviews David Hill, who is an expert in HVAC systems. Hill is Chair of TECA (the thermal environmental comfort association) Ventilation Guidelines Committee and president of Eneready Products. He is one of Canada's leading experts in residential and small commercial ventilation systems and technology. An engineer's engineer, Hill has been designing, building, installing, measuring, fixing and critiquing ventilation systems and HVAC systems for over 30 years.

As new homes get more energy efficient and "tighter" than ever before, the importance of proper ventilation in the residential construction industry is paramount. Since healthy, fresh air at home is something all homeowners can appreciate, it's nice for BC's home building and renovating community to know Hill and know he is around to provide his expertise and experience.

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