(Video) How To Paint Vinyl Siding - June 25th 2015

(Video) How To Paint Vinyl Siding



Q:  We recently purchased a 15-year-old rancher with light vinyl siding.  It seems the previous owners left numerous nail holes in the siding.  It is not feasible for us to replace all the damaged vinyl, but we would like to paint it a darker colour in the next couple of years.  How do we deal with the holes in the meantime?  We did find a few spare pieces of matching siding.


A:  You could replace as many pieces of the badly damaged siding with the spare pieces.  Then use an acrylic or polyurethane caulking to fill the remaining holes.


When it comes time to paint, wash the siding before applying any type of paint.  I suggest acrylic latex.  Keep in mind that vinyl siding soaks up the heat, so I do not recommend using a darker colour than what you have.  Vinyl painted too dark will absorb too much heat and may buckle and distort.