Toilet Bowl Over Filling With Water When Flushed - November 16th 2005

Toilet Bowl Over Filling With Water When Flushed

Q: I have a bi-level house with one washroom on each level. The situation is this: When I flush the toilet on the upper level the water almost fills the toilet bowl, then drains slowly until all the water is gone with a sound of air coming from the drainage pipe. The washroom on the lower level is ok when I flush it. I would appreciate your advice on this matter.

A: There is a restriction in the outflow sanitary sewer line originating at the upper toilet down to the outfall to the sanitary sewer or septic system. I would suggest removing the toilet and mechanically snaking the sanitary pipe as well as snaking from the roof vent stack down the same sanitary pipe system. The restriction will either be in the plumbing pipe or in the toilet trap. When replacing the toilet always apply the floor wax seal onto the toilet before setting it done on the floor flange.