Sunbury Cedar Mill Tour - February 3rd 2017

Sunbury Cedar Mill Tour

Here is a video from Shell Busey's Home Check TV Show where Shell visited the Sunbury Cedar Mill.  The tour shows what is takes to have a log go from the bush to your home and the steps in between.

At Sunbury Cedar, they manufacture high quality red and yellow cedar products for your home and garden. Their company harvests it's own timber and manufactures it into a wide variety of products such as fencing, decking, siding, garden sheds, play-structures, gazebos, lawn furniture, tongue and groove paneling, lattice, etc... This allows them to have complete control over the materials that they sell, and also allows them to offer the highest quality products to you at the best possible price. For all of your cedar requirements, visit Sunbury Cedar at their River Road outlet, open 7 days a week.