Sound-proofing Your Ceiling - February 24th 2011

Sound-proofing Your Ceiling

Q) I'm having issues in my condo with my noisy neighbour upstairs. I've heard of a method of soundproofing walls and ceilings that uses Donna Conna. Where can I find acoustical information on Donna Conna? Also, what is the rating for insulation for impact noise for 1/2 inch Donna Conna board?

A) There is no value in acoustics for Donna Conna , please consider soundproofing using a rock wool batt insulation such as Roxul Safe & Sound Insulation and a sound-proof drywall product called QuietRockTM which is available through Dryco products. QuietRock is a drywall board that has amazing soundproofing characteristics. In fact if you were to perform a "sound transfer" comparison, one sheet of Half inch QuietRock provides a soundproofing equivalent to stacking 8 sheets of 5/8" drywall together.