Slippery Hardwood Floors - November 17th 2006

Slippery Hardwood Floors

Q: Other people's lack of knowledge has led me to your email address. We have purchased a beautiful house that has beautiful hardwood flooring (Saskatchewan Ash, to be exact). We also have a large, heavy dog (Bullmastiff), which has a bit of difficulty with slippage on the floor someone did suggest to sand and re-varnish but this seems pretty drastic. Is there any type of coating we can apply to help her out?

A: Wow, this lets me be creative. A dog or should I say "doggy" with four wheel drive and slippage. I know this is a serious enquiry for you and yes re-doing the entire floor is pretty drastic. Some large pet stores sell special doggy non-slip booties to wear in the house and be removed when going outdoors. I was just thinking that perhaps the Robeez baby slippers would work. Just a thought.