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Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Underground Parking & Electric Cars

Shell talks about making sure to inspect the underground parking spot before making a purchase in a strata. Are there oil stains already there? Is the concrete in good condition? How close is it to the elevator or stairs?

Shell also talks about electric cars and what you will need to think about before purchasing one. It's just that easy!


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Outdoor Propane Fire Pits

Having an outdoor heating source is a great way to extend your time outdoors. While an outdoor fire pit creates great ambience, they do not create a lot of warmth for an open space. They are also not meant for cooking, you should still do that on the BBQ! It's just that easy.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - How To Soundproof A Basement Suite

1. Block off all forced air heating ducts (stuff with fibreglass batts in plastic bags) into basement suite and install convection heaters in the suite.

2. Install R20 Batt insulation up tight against the upper sub floor plywood (install around electrical wiring).

3. Apply Donna conna board or sound board to the bottom of the floor joists.

4. Apply Sound Bar (Resilient Channel 16” centres over Donna conna).

5. Apply 5/8” drywall to sound bar, tape and fill.

NOTE: If your home is forced air heat, it is advisable to use an alternate heating source for the basement to stop transfer of sound up through the duct system. This is done by terminating your ducts into the basement area.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Asphalt surfaces require preventative maintenance every 3 to 4 years to keep it looking attractive. Tree roots that have come up through the asphalt should be removed. All oil spots should be sealed with oil spot primer and cracks filled with asphalt crack filler. Finally, you will need to seal the asphalt surface every 3-4 years.

Concrete that has chipped, flaked, broken off or has dents in it is called spalling concrete... This is usually the result of poor installation and poor mix of the concrete, causing it to become weak and possibly damaged.

To repair, first clean the concrete with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. While still damp from washing, apply a concrete adhesive (Weldbond) to the entire area. Mix the Bonded Topping mix to a thicker consistency (like a muffin mix) and trowel over the prepared area. Texture the surface with a broom if that look is desired. Allow to cure for 24 hours, then follow with the brightening concrete procedure. Leave for the one week and seal with a solvent-based concrete sealer.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Soffit Venting: White Haven Wood Products

Proper roof venting is critical to good construction practices and maintenance. The purpose of roof venting is to reduce temperature build-up inside the roof cavity during the summer months and to reduce fungal wood rot and other problems associated with condensation in the roof cavity during the cooler months of the year.

White Haven Wood Products manufacture their Soffit Vents in 8-foot lengths and their pricing is on a per foot basis. The vents are available in two different sizes, the most popular is the 4 inch style, this was developed to compliment 4" soffit material but is also regularly used with a 6" Tongue & Groove as well. The 6 inch Vent is the exact width as a standard 6" piece of Tongue & Groove. They stock the 4" & 6" widths in Fir, Pine and both Cedars. Call 250.803.4616 or visit for more information and ordering.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Restoring Wood Panels

Tired-looking wood panelling can be cleaned and brightened with a little ingenuity and elbow grease. Over time, the sun's ultra-violet rays beaming through unprotected windows will draw the natural oils and colour from wood fibres, leaving wood panelling faded and tired looking. Watch this video to learn how... It's just that easy!


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Painting Wall Paneling

Painting wall paneling can refresh and brighten up a room! First you must wash the walls with the Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula & Rinse well. Using a pure bristle brush apply a coat of fast dry alkyd primer to the grooves and then use a roller to apply it to the flat surfaces. Tint the primer to the same shade as your finish coat allow to dry for 3-4 hours. Apply finish coat of acrylic latex using a polyester paintbrush and paint roller.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - How To Create Colonial Doors With Moulding

Dark wood finish interior doors don't hold a candle compared to the new styled panel doors such as colonial and heritage doors. Would you like to update your doors? You can achieve a colonial or heritage door appearance by adding a crown moulding to the face of the door with small finishing nails or contact cement. First wash the doors well with my Home Cleaning Formula. Rinse well with clear water and lightly sand to remove sheen from existing finish. Apply crown moulding in desired pattern and fill any imperfections around moulding and nail holes with a light weight spackling compound. Apply two coats of water-based urethane using a nylon or polyester brush. It's just that easy!


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Pizza Box Mark On Coffee Table

White marks on wood finished tables are caused by hot pots, cups of tea and coffee or pizza boxes. They are commonly known as pizza box marks. The best solution is to rub with Bri-Wax using super fine (0000) steel wool. Do the entire top starting in one corner and working down the face with the grain. When you reach the white mark concentrate on this area until the white mark has been eliminated and then continue on to the end of the tabletop. Allow to dry for 2 - 3 minutes and buff with a soft cloth. Bri-wax comes in many colours. Choose one that best matches your table.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Removing Wallpaper

Shell Busey's knows that trying to remove that heavy vinyl or foil wallpaper can be very frustrating. Don't give up - there is an easy solution. Begin at the top and pull the face of the paper straight down at 180 degrees flat to the wall. Apply a wallpaper removing solution to the back side. Allow the solution to migrate down the backside between the wall and the paper, releasing the paper from the wall.

Hint - You can make your own wallpaper removing solution by mixing 1 cup (250 mL) of fabric softener (eg. Fleecy or Downy) into one litre of warm water. Spray onto wall and let soak about 5 minutes before scraping off.

Wash your walls with Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well before painting.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog: Dryer Venting

Shell discusses dryer venting and why you need an aluminum vent pipe, NOT PLASTIC. The shorter the run on your vent the better as well. If your clothes are taking longer to dry, it probably isn't an issue with your dryer, it's most likely the venting. It's just that easy!


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - LePage® QUAD® MAX Window, Door & Siding Sealant

LePage QUAD MAX is the next generation of siding and window sealant that offers maximum durability and maximum application performance for use in any conditions, interior or exterior. LePage QUAD MAX takes the guess work out of color matching with matches to primary building material manufacturers. It has been proven to stick on wet and cold surfaces and offers long term durability against the harmful effects of sun exposure. Unlike traditional solvent sealants, LePage QUAD MAX is resistant to bubbling and has no shrinkage.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Honeywell Wireless Doorbell

Portable doorbells have an outstanding range, meaning you can take them with you around the home and garden so you’ll never miss a visitor or delivery again.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - VanAir Ventilated Door

The VanAir Ventilated Door is an advanced interior door that provides ventilation without sacrificing acoustic and visual privacy. Designed for commercial and residential buildings, the VanAir Door promotes higher indoor environmental quality.

Air flows from one side, through the door and out the opposing side. Call 604.542.2236 for more information


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - CV9 Window Cleaner

CV9 is a concentrated window cleaning solution that allows you to wash your homes exterior windows without the need to climb up on a ladder and wipe them down. Simply spray on, brush clean and rinse; the window will dry to a streak free shine. For dirtier windows, you may need to scrub the windows and frames with a car washing brush.

Dilute the ratio of water to CV9 solution, put it in a spray bottle, and clean all your interior windows, mirrors and glass with minimal effort.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Use Your Dehumidistat

You may have a dehumidistat installed in or outside of your bathroom but had no clue what it does. Shell explains why you should HAVE and USE YOUR dehumidistat.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Squeak No More

Do you have a floor that squeaks? This is the product you need.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Hard Water Stain Remover

Do you live in an area with hard water? The hard water stain remover can clean hard water stains off glasses, shower doors, siding, aquariums and more. Call 604.542.2236 or stop by our South Surrey showroom to get some at Unit #7 - 2320 King George Blvd.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Dr Doom Spray

Do you have unwanted ants or bugs in your home? Shell talks about why that is and what you can do to take care of them. Dr. Doom is a residual spray that stays where you spray it for up to a year. The ants walk through the spray and take it back to their colony. We sell Doctor Doom at our Showroom - Unit #7 - 2320 King George Blvd in South Surrey/White Rock.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Rust Off

Shell talks about a product called "Rust Off". Rust Off starts dissolving rust on contact. Absolutely no scrubbing is necessary, just apply the Rust Off to any surface that has rust and you will see it disappear as you are watching. Items that can be soaked in our Rust Off rust remover come out looking new, completely rust free in just a matter of minutes. Larger items may require a bit more time.

Around the home, Rust Off rust remover can be used to keep tools looking and working like new. This is called "maintenance" and if you maintain an item that you bought it will last a long time and save you money because you do not have to replace it.

We sell Rust Off at our HouseSmart Showroom at Unit #7 - 2320 King George Blvd. in South Surrey/White Rock, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Budget Blinds

Shell talks about Budget Blinds of South Surrey, White Rock and Budget Blinds of Delta having a showroom in our South Surrey office at Unit #7 - 2320 King George Blvd. Budget Blinds has displays of their products and you can take home the Budget Blind Design Guide to get more ideas. Budget Blinds offers a free in-home consultation; where they will come to your home, measure your windows and bring samples of Blinds, Shades, Curtains, Shutters and more!


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Windsor Plywood

Windsor Plywood is more than just a plywood store. From doors to trim to stairs and more. They also sell Shell's popular "Cleaning Formula" and CV9 Window Cleaner.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Merit Kitchens

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can renovate the interior AND/OR exterior of your home. They use quality products like Merit Kitchens Ltd cabinets and drawers. Call 604.542.2236 or go to to book your FREE estimate.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Cloverdale Paint

Shell talks about paint, both interior and exterior. From matching colours to painting your deck, at Cloverdale Paint


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Home Cleaning Formula

Shell talks about his Home Cleaning Formula. How to use it and where to buy it.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Drainage

Shell talks about drainage and why you might be noticing some water forming in your basement this time of year. We have the professionals who can help you with your Drainage issues


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Draftproofing & Air Leakage

Shell talks about a free book put out by Natural Resources Canada called Keeping The Heat In. The book talks about ways you can save $$$$ around your home. We have the books at our South Surrey office for free. Stop by and grab one.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Tip For When Going On Extended Vacation

Shell gives a tip for home owners who go away on vacation. If your power goes out, how do you know if the food in your freezer is still safe to eat. This tip will let you know if you can eat it or not.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Hardware Store Prices

Shell reminds you to check the prices on items you buy at your local hardware store.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Fireplace Inserts

Shell talks about gas and electric fireplace inserts. If you are shopping for one, make sure you know what you are looking for. Is the fireplace going to be used for heat or for ambiance?


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Good Neighbor Policy

Shell talks about the good neighbor policy. If you are installing a heat pump, or anything else that can be noisy; make sure not to install it where it can annoy your neighbor.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Sun Room Moisture Problems

Shell continues to talk about sun room moisture problems. You will need to have proper venting and heating options.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Enclosed Sunroom Window Condensation

Shell talks about why your sun room windows are sweating in the colder temperatures.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Flooring Squeaking

Shell tells you what to look for when buying and installing new flooring.


Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Installing A New Furnace

Shell's first video blog talks about installing a new furnace and what to look for!