Shell Busey Blog - Rust Off - January 17th 2017

Shell Busey Blog - Rust Off

Shell Busey talks about a product called "Rust Off". Rust Off starts dissolving rust on contact. Absolutely no scrubbing is necessary, just apply the Rust Off to any surface that has rust and you will see it disappear as you are watching. Items that can be soaked in our Rust Off rust remover come out looking new, completely rust free in just a matter of minutes. Larger items may require a bit more time.

Around the home, Rust Off rust remover can be used to keep tools looking and working like new. This is called "maintenance" and if you maintain an item that you bought it will last a long time and save you money because you do not have to replace it.

We sell Rust Off at our HouseSmart Showroom at Unit #7 - 2320 King George Blvd. in South Surrey/White Rock, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.