Resurfacing Concrete Steps with Tech Stone Granite - September 21st 2005

Resurfacing Concrete Steps with Tech Stone Granite

Q: I would like to apply the Tech Stone Granite sold by Home Hardware to my front step except right now we have a glued outdoor carpet on these steps. I plan to remove the outdoor carpet (scrape it off the cement) but need some assistance on how to get the glue off the cement. We installed the carpet back in 1992. I have read some notes on the Internet but still cannot find a good answer to my question.

A: I am assuming that your steps are concrete. Remove the glue residual with Shell Busey's It's Just That Easy paint Remover available at Windsor Plywood stores. After removing the residual glue rinse well with clear water. Apply Target brand Bonded topping mix (following the directions on the bag) over the concrete steps levelling to a smooth finish. Apply the granite finish according to the product instructions.
Another option would be to apply a primer, base coat and topcoat of acrylic Deckote manufactured by Consolidated Coatings and available at most Windsor Plywood and Paint stores.