Restoring 20-Year-Old Doors - August 4th 2005

Restoring 20-Year-Old Doors

Q:  A problem that many of us with 20 something year old homes have been unable to solve is marks on our doors (inside doors like bedroom or bathroom. These doors are made of something other than wood not sure if it is compressed paper but you probably know Sterling Home doors from the 80's. I see little marks (perhaps from hairsprays and grease marks) in the middle of the doors not around the handles. I have tried Mr. Clean, Cabinet Magic, Windex, soap and water, and the doors get clean but the little spray marks and grease marks are still there. Is there a product that could restore these doors.

A: Doors of the 80's can be spruced up by painting. The marks that you indicate are very common as the paper overlay is showing adhesive patches through the finish. Remove all of the hardware, wash the surfaces using my Home Cleaning formula and rinse well with clear water. Apply one coat of Alkyd fast dry primer . Allow 2 days curing time and apply one coat of best quality acrylic latex semi gloss ecologic paint from Cloverdale Paint. Roll on using a whizz knap roller.