Replace Filler Valve To Stop Running Toilet - December 19th 2008

Replace Filler Valve To Stop Running Toilet

Q. Our toilet continues to run after it fills. This has just started happening and it stops when I lift the float arm up in the in the holding tank. We don't have access to a plumber in the area so if there is something that I can do to fix it myself that would be very helpful?

A. This can usually be fixed by replacing the flapper valve, which is quite simple to do. You can begin by removing the damaged flapper and taking it to the hardware store to match it up with a new one. But I would suggest you actually purchase the newer type of filler valve assembly made of plastic which operates without a float ball, arm and uses a lot less water. I like the "HydroClean" toilet valve kit available at most hardware stores since it comes with clear directions and it will also remove the sediment that builds up in the tank and detects leaks. If you plan to do this yourself, first make certain that the water supply is turned off and then flush the toilet emptying the tank. Sponge out any remaining water from the tank. Follow the manufacturer's directions to install the new assembly. For more information on the HydroClean Toilet valve unit you can call them directly at 1-888-466-5741.

It's just that easy!