Repair Hole in Drywall - November 18th 2008

Repair Hole in Drywall

Q:  How do I repair a hole that is four-inches-by-six-inches and eight-inches-by-12-inches in the drywall of my kitchen wall?

A:  The easiest and most effective repair for the do-it-yourselfer is to purchase a kit at your local Building Supply store. The kit has everything you'll need and eliminates having to purchase a sheet of drywall and the other individual products needed to do the repair.

Larger holes may be patched by cutting the drywall out from stud to stud to allow for nailing. Place nailer blocks at the top and bottom between of the hole to bridge the gap between the studs. Cut the drywall to fit the opening and nail, tape and fill. Sand between coats, prime and paint.