Removing the Old Glue and Remnants of Old Carpet - August 8th 2005

Removing the Old Glue and Remnants of Old Carpet

Q: We recently decided to move into an apartment from a house, as we don't require the extra space any more.  I did note that the balcony floor had some old pieces of dirty indoor/outdoor carpeting that had to be replaced. Management said they would try to remove this for us but cautioned us that this one probably was glued to the balcony floor and may prove extremely difficult if not impossible to remove completely. They have now done this but the end result is I traded a dirty and worn carpet for a balcony that now has old glue and tuffs of the old carpet all over and is probably more unsightly now then before. I was assured that the men worked very hard and this was the best they could do.  My question is obvious, is there a product that would lift the old glue and remnants of old carpet. I would assume there must be some sort of product that can be applied to the old carpet and glue from a cement floor. If not, I guess I am stuck with a non-functional balcony, as you would constantly be tracking fine particles of dust and dirt back into the apartment.

A: To remove the balance of carpet tuffs use a rented heat gun (not a hair dryer) and scrape off with a metal paint scraper. To remove any residual adhesive that the heat gun doesn't get use my It's Just That Easy water based paint remover available at Windsor Plywood stores.