Removing Stains From Toilet - July 12th 2005

Removing Stains From Toilet

Q # 1: Some time ago, you had a question from a reader to a black stain in the bottom of the toilet. I cut it out and intended to follow your advice - but misplaced it!   We have a second-hand toilet at the cabin, and it has a nasty-looking black area that has been resistant to all my scrubbing. Visitors may well be left with the impression that it's really not very clean!   Can you please repeat the means to clean up the black stain? Oh, the toilet is connected to a SEPTIC TANK, so I'd like to ensure that the solution doesn't interfere with the tank, too!

Q # 2: How can you remove brown stains from a porcelain toilet bowl? The house is approximately 7 years old, and the toilet is used regularly. I tried Fantastic Bathroom Cleaner with bleach but that did not remove the stains.

Answer to both 1 & 2: The product to use is Mother's Choice available from most Windsor Plywood and Home Hardware stores. To use, shut the water supply off to the toilet tank. Flush the toilet emptying the tank; sponge remaining water form the toilet bowl. Follow the instructions on the container applying the product with a non-abrasive scrub pad. You may smell sewer gas during this process since the trap water is not in the bowl to stop the odour. Work quickly and then turn the water back on and flush twice to rinse.