Remove Sticky Lacquer Finish From Cupboards - November 16th 2005

Remove Sticky Lacquer Finish From Cupboards

Q: Our kitchen cabinets are about 19 years old and they feel very sticky and if you run your fingernail across them in places you get a build up of what seems to be the lacquer finish that they were originally finished with.  We have tried over the years to keep them clean, with our spring and fall house cleaning, and the cabinets are otherwise in very good shape.

A: Using Contact Cement thinners scrub your cabinets with super fine steel wool. Follow this with a good washing using my Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula available at Windsor Plywood and Cloverdale Paint. Rinse well and allow the cabinets to dry. Apply Bri-Wax in your choice of colour with super fine steel wool and buff using a soft flannel or terry towel cloth. These products are available at Windsor Plywood. I would suggest that you take a door or drawer with you when you go shopping for the Bri-Wax colour selection.