Remove Film That Was Left On Steel Door - October 20th 2006

Remove Film That Was Left On Steel Door

Q: A renovation that I started about three years ago is finally finished. I installed an exterior steel door that came with a protective plastic wrap on the interior and exterior sides. I removed the interior almost immediately but left the exterior thinking I would take it off when the work was finished. Now three years later it will not peel off. I have tried goof-off, thinners etc. without any success. Any suggestions?

A: Wow, how did you put up with the blue colour that long? Prepare a pail of soapy hot water (dishwashing soap is fine) and using a sponge soak the door from top to bottom keeping it soaking wet. Now apply heat from a hair dryer and repeat until all the plastic is off. The water will migrate back in behind the plastic and the heat will steam if off.

Good Luck.