Refinishing a Cedar Garage Door - August 4th 2005

Refinishing a Cedar Garage Door

Q: We have a 15 year old cedar garage door. Last fall some panels had some blackened mildew which we sanded off, applied a Behr cleaner then reapplied Behr #33 rawhide. The entire panel was much darker than the ones not touched. We pressure washed off the rawhide, lightly sanded them and have left them exposed over winter. Any suggestions how to treat the panels sothey end up the same as the rest?

A: To refinish your door with a clear finish will require stripping the entire door. You may have to resort to a heat stripping gun to achieve the finish you desire. After heat stripping use an organic stripper (orange citrus base), applying it with an abrasive synthetic pad. Rinse thoroughly when finished. Any dark areas will require a wood bleach to lighten. When you are ready for the finish coat, wash the entire door front and back and rinse well. Remove the weather stripping off the bottom of the door. Apply two coats of Cloverdale Paint exterior clear finish to all areas front and back. Do not apply in the sunshine.