Re-finishing Your Wood Deck With Stain or Clear Coat - June 12th 2007

Re-finishing Your Wood Deck With Stain or Clear Coat

A. Our cedar deck is over 10 years old. It appears that there was a transparent stain under the solid color stain where it has peeled off. It looks like two coats of different solid color stain were applied without proper preparation. Now we have a problem with the entire deck is peeling. Should we use a pressure washer to remove the remaining stain? What is the proper way to refinish this deck?

Q. To remove the previous coats of stain, use a stain remover available under the Flood Paint brand, available at Cloverdale Paint and Home Hardware Stores. After applying the stain remover, pressure wash to remove the stain. Don't be concerned if you tend to etch the deck wood with the pressure wash; this will only enhance the ability of the wood to hold onto the new finish. Consider staining with a Clear Deck Finish by "Messmers" or "Cabot", both available at Cloverdale Paint Stores.

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