Putting Tile Over Arborite Counters - October 17th 2014

Putting Tile Over Arborite Counters



Q: We have an arborite countertop in our kitchen. We would really like to have a ceramic tile countertop, but we do not like the thought of all the mess to remove and replace. Is there anyway we can put the tiles over the arborite?



A: You can put the ceramic tiles directly over the arborite, as long as the area is level and you prepare the surface properly. Remove the sink and faucets. Wash the arborite with a degreaser-type cleaner using a pot scrubber pad and rinse well with clear water. If any shiny areas remain, sand with 150-grit sandpaper. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles.


Install the ceramic tiles using construction adhesive and grout the seams with an epoxy grout. Epoxy grout prevents the penetration of oils or grease that could stain conventional grout.