Pressure Balance Shower Faucet - September 8th 2015

Pressure Balance Shower Faucet



Q: We have a problem with water flow in our home. Whenever the sprinklers are on, a toilet is flushed or the dishwasher or washing machine are on the water flow drops elsewhere. This is particularly annoying when one is in the shower. Is there any way to remedy or help this situation?


A: Water flow pressure in the home is affected by every demand on the water supply line. Sprinklers, toilets, washers and dishwasher may be closer to the main water supply and therefore when they are being used they will get first priority from the incoming supply. This will cause the pressure change at the shower resulting in low flow or perhaps a too hot or too cold shower.

The solution is to install a pressure balanced shower faucet. These are readily available at Home Centres and Plumbing stores. If you do not wish to change the complete faucet system shower heads are available that provide protection in the event of a drop in pressure preventing the possibility of being scalded with super hot water. These are sold under many brand names.