Peeling Paint on Concrete Steps - August 4th 2005

Peeling Paint on Concrete Steps

Q: Listen to your broadcast every Saturday but haven't caught the answer to my problem.  Which is - Poured concrete steps 2 or 3 coats of paint peeling badly. What do you suggest I do to make them look nice again?

A: Your question is a common one that unfortunately it never gets asked until the problem occurs. Lets start from scratch: if the concrete had been sealed with a Crystalization Sealer such as Cloverdale Paint's Aqua Seal you would not have this concern as the alkaline would not be coming out under the paint causing it to flake off. Now what to do? If you have a "shot blaster" (available at rental outlets) this would be the easiest way to remove all the old peeling paint otherwise sanding with 20 grit abrasive paper will be the next best. After removing all the loose bits wash with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula and rinse well with clear water. Then seal the concrete as mentioned at the beginning followed by an acrylic latex deck coating available from Cloverdale Paint or Deckote available at Windsor Plywood.