Painting Ceramic Tile - August 29th 2005

Painting Ceramic Tile

Q: We would like to update a bathroom by painting the ceramic tile (6 'x 6' high gloss) around the walls of the bathtub (which is mainly used as a shower base) with a white eggshell finish.   Is there a product that can get the job done to our satisfaction?

A: Yes, you can paint ceramic tiles by using a two part epoxy paint called "Klenks" Tub and Tile Paint. The most important thing when purchasing this product is to be sure that the retailer also sells you the preparation kit. This is your assurance that you will get a properly bonded coating. Important tip: During this procedure make sure that you remove anything from the room that will produce lint or dust in the air. Items such as towels, tissues, toilet paper, mats etc. should be taken away from the room before beginning the procedure.