Paint For Tile Floor - November 17th 2006

Paint For Tile Floor

Q: We have a fairly large, high-traffic area in a 26-year old house that we purchased last year. The area has a very dated 8x8 tile floor that is in good condition but the colour is unattractive. I have been told that the tile would have to be removed if we wanted to change it. That would be a very big (and costly) job. My parents thought that they had read in one of your columns about a paint that could be applied to tile floors. I would like to know the name of this product and where it can be purchased, as well as any other information you might have on this subject (durability, etc. - we have 4 little boys and the back hall where the tiles are gets a lot of use!).

A: The paint to use would be a water based porch and floor urethane. Please inquire at your local paint dealer for this product. However I would caution using it in the area that you have described as any sharp objects such as the boys toys or dog claws would probably damage the finish in short order unless you can ensure only slippers or stocking feet. You could consider setting new tiles over the old ones, as long as the transitions from old to new meets with your approval.