Musty Odor In Our Crawl Space - April 30th 2003

Musty Odor In Our Crawl Space

To Shell,

We have an old house, quite small and the basement is finished in concrete. There is also a crawl space. We do have a sump pump working but there is a musty odor. I have a small heater to try and keep it dry, but the smell is still there. Is there something I can put in the basement to get rid of the odor. We do not have any windows there. It seems the smell is bad particularly at run off time. I know there is a product for Recreational vehicles called dry ease. Would this work?

Thank you


Hi Karen,

Dryease is much too small of a system to stop the musty odors. Consider a Humidex basement ventilation system. These units are available from Home Hardware or call 1-800-416-9111. (You can also visit their website at Humidex units are available in a number of sizes appropriate for basements and crawlspaces. The best location to install the unit would be in the lowest point of the basement/crawlspace area.

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