Masking Tape Residue Off Windows - October 3rd 2014

Masking Tape Residue Off Windows



Q:  We recently painted the wood window frames on our home.  They look nice, but I think we made a huge error.  We used masking tape to protect the window panes during painting, but did not remove it right away and now we have a sticky mess.  Do you have a solution for this?





A:  Always use the green dry strip painter’s masking tape, not regular making tape.  (Note:  always use a utility knife to cut between the glass and frame before stripping off the tape)


To remove the residual, use a glass scraper designed with a razor-type blade that will not scratch the glass.  These are available at most paint and decorating stores.  Once the majority of the residue has been removed with the razor, use a coarse cloth, such as denim, and contact cement solvent or contact cement thinner to remove the balance.