Insulating Floor Pipes for a Hot Water Boiler System - February 25th 2011

Insulating Floor Pipes for a Hot Water Boiler System

Q) We are in the market for a new home, and have put an offer on one that has an electric hot water boiler installed in the garage. All three thermostats are operating and the unit appears to fire correctly. The piping is installed on the underside of the plywood subfloor. This type of arrangement is somewhat unusual. No proper service labels were found on the unit. Our Home Inspector said he had never seen this type of arrangement before. We'd appreciate your comments.

A) There is nothing to be concerned about, This is not an uncommon method of installation. To get the best performance out of a system designed in this manner, it would be best to install a reflective foil insulation called Reflectix, 1 inch below the pipes so the insulation will reflect the heat up into the plywood sub floor.

Reflectix is available through Twin Maple Marketing, call them toll-free 1-800-663-8898.