How To Stop Your Door Hinges From Squeaking - September 5th 2016

How To Stop Your Door Hinges From Squeaking

Q. We renovated our suite three years ago with new doors and frames, the door hinges started to squeak so I sprayed some WD-40, the squeaking stopped but now the doors swing closed on there own and don't stay open. How do I fix the hinges? What should I have used instead of WD-40?

A. The cause of the squeaking was a hinge under stress because of the jamb when installed has been stressed at the hinge points. Pull the pin from the centre hinge and determine if the stress point is at the centre point. Typically, this is the case. If so chisel out the depth of the hinge point on the frame side and replace. Now spray your hinge with silicone spray, now your squeak should be gone as well the door will stay open.

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