How To Seal Patio Stones - August 18th 2015

How To Seal Patio Stones



Q: This summer we are having our back yard redone. We are having a company install patio stones in a fairly large area. We would like to seal the new patio stones ourselves when it is completed.  What product and process do you recommend we use?



A: Before sealing, you must acid wash (muriatic acid) the surface to etch the cement to enhance penetration of the sealer. Add 1/3 acid to 2/3 water, not the other way around and  always wear safety glasses & gloves for this process.  Use an emulsified based concrete sealer for the initial application; 2 – 3 years down the road, an acrylic coating may be used.

Note: To apply sealers, it is best to use a low-pressure garden sprayer apparatus, or puddle on the surface and spread with a 10mm roller.  Do not do this  process on a bright, hot sunny day.