How To Remove Out-Of-Date Vinyl and Foil Wallpaper Off My Bathroom Walls? - November 22nd 2006

Trying to remove that heavy vinyl or foil wallpaper can be very frustrating. Don't give up - there is an easy solution. Begin at the top and pull the face of the paper straight down at 180 degrees flat to the wall. Apply a wallpaper removing solution to the back side. Allow the solution to migrate down the backside between the wall and the paper, releasing the paper from the wall. If the paper is heavy vinyl or foil, use a wallpaper perforating device (like the Paper Tiger - available at many wallpaper and paint stores) scoring and perforating the paper vertically and horizontally. Apply wallpaper removing solution directly over the paper to penetrate through the perforations, this will release the paper from the wall.

Once the majority of the vinyl & foil surface is removed, you can mix and use the homemade solution, which will make the remaining backing of wallpaper come off easy.

Hint - You can make your own wallpaper removing solution by mixing 1 cup (250 mL) of fabric softener (eg. Fleecy or Downy) into one litre of warm water. Spray onto wall and let soak about 5 minutes before scraping off.

Wash your walls with Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well before painting.