How To Cut and Lay Vinyl Flooring - November 22nd 2007

How To Cut and Lay Vinyl Flooring

Q: I want to change the old linoleum in a small guest bathroom but I am a little nervous about tackling the job since I have never attempted to install vinyl flooring myself. Do you have some tips that will help me with measuring and cutting to avoid having seams showing?

A: Installing a sheet-vinyl floor is a manageable do-it-yourself project with proper preparation. Most bathrooms can be covered with one piece of sheet vinyl flooring which is sold in 6' and 12' widths, making it possible to install a seamless floor in smaller areas. To begin, remove the toilet. You can make a template of the floor layout using heavy glossy magazine or flyer paper and place over the entire area. Tape all these pieces together to form a full size pattern. Next, in another room lay the new vinyl flooring on a flat surface face down and place the template on the vinyl. Trace around the pattern then cut the vinyl with snips allowing a half-inch oversize. Roll the vinyl up and lay it in position in the bathroom then trim to size using a vinyl utility knife.

When you are ready to apply the adhesive, fold or roll back half of the vinyl into the middle. Spread adhesive on the sub-floor for one side of the floor following manufactures instructions. Carefully lay the floor back in place and roll vinyl into adhesive. Repeat the process for the other half of floor. To ensure proper adhesion, roll from the centre out using a vinyl floor roller or a rolling pin. Avoid foot traffic for at least 24-hours to allow the adhesive to dry. When re-installing the toilet be sure to use a new Wax Seal, applying the wax seal to the base of the toilet before placing over floor flange. I should also mention that installation kits are available through flooring retailers that include all the necessary tools for this project.