How Can I Level Concrete Before Installing Laminate Flooring? - December 2nd 2008

How Can I Level Concrete Before Installing Laminate Flooring?

Q. We have purchased laminate flooring to be installed in our family room. The problem is some of the concrete floor is not level and is slightly lower in some areas. Will this cause problems down the road if the laminate is on an uneven floor? If so, can you give me some suggestions on how we can level the floor?

A. Laminate flooring installed over concrete must be installed on a dry, level surface. To achieve a level surface, apply a cement based leveling compound. Two of the most popular are called Bonded Topping Mix or Top'N Bond. Follow the instructions on the bag. I suggest using a straight edge (2-inch x 4-inch, 12-foot length) with a level to determine the amount of leveling required. Once it has cured you can then proceed to seal using a water-based sealer such as Aquaseal by Cloverdale Paint. When you are ready to install the laminate flooring, please be sure that you get the manufacturer's installation instructions. Most installation instructions will require a polyethylene plastic vapor barrier over concrete before installing the underlay.