Home Inspectors Arranged Through Realtors - August 8th 2005

Home Inspectors Arranged Through Realtors

Q: Just wondered if one has any recourse when a home inspector misses quite a few things in the house being bought. My daughter and son-in-law bought their first house and have since spend a fairly large amount of money fixing things that the inspector missed, like broken windows, windows that were advertised as triple pane and were only double, a furnace that had to be fixed at a cost of $800.00, a sump pump that had to be replaced and a few more items.

I know you recommend that a home inspector never be arranged by the real estate agent, however at that time they were not aware of this and went with the one the agent recommended.

A: Unfortunately many home inspectors do not hold a membership card in one of the registered Home Inspectors Associations and are only as good as their reputation. Hence the reason for never using an inspector who may be working in cahoots with a realtor. Just a heads up, no offence meant to those respected registered Home Inspectors and Realtors. As for any recourse on what has already happened, there really isn't anything other than having a talk with the realtor and the home inspector involved in the transaction. If possible it may be beneficial to include the previous homeowner in the discussion.