Holes in the drywall.... - December 16th 2009

Holes in the drywall....

Q. My towel rack and toilet paper holders have come loose from the bathroom walls after the holes in the gyproc that the holders were originally screwed into have become too big to support any screws. There is no 2 X 4 studs or wood to secure into where the toilet paper holder or towel rack should be installed. I have tried everything to secure them but they keep coming loose.

A. My suggestion is to open the walls up to screw your backing material into place between the studs. Don't rely on wall plugs or expansion plugs to secure your hardware into drywall. Replace the drywall using drywall tape, filler, sand and paint. Now you can proceed to securely install your towel rack and toilet paper holder once and for all.

Shell Busey