Heavy Condensation Due to Poor Ventilation - August 4th 2005

Heavy Condensation Due to Poor Ventilation

Q: We have a big problem with condensation on our windows and doors. So much so that our windows are all frosted over during the cold winter months (we have 3 layered non sealed window units.)We cannot open any windows during this time due to ice build up. It is even difficult to open and close the front and back door. We had a new mid efficiency furnace installed and had a metal chimney liner (4 inch) placed inside the chimney this past summer. It is really quite horrific living this way. We did not have these problems before installing the new furnace. Any advice would be appreciated.

A: Without getting too technical I would suggest that you are not venting your home adequately through the use of bathroom exhaust fans, range hood fans and basement ventilation systems. I would also suggest that you have a two speed or variable speed motor on your furnace allowing the air to be circulated in your 24/7 - 12 months a year. Two options that I would recommend you add to your home: A Hoyme Damper - call Cliff Hoyme at 1 800 661 7382 for information. Secondly a Basement Ventilation system called Humidex. Call 1 888 215 9023 for details.