Hairline Cracks In Stucco/ Painting Stucco - October 20th 2006

Hairline Cracks In Stucco/ Painting Stucco

Q: I would like to ask about an economical way of cleaning up the stucco on our house. It has some cracks that have been filled but they still show up.  Is there something that we can do to paint or spray that will cover up the cracks and leave it with a clean look? I have heard there is a substance that also insulates as well as coats the stucco?

A: Coating stucco with an "Elastomeric coating" such as Cloverdale Paint's Towerthon product will add enhancement and warmth as well as a waterproof protective coating. Colour is the main essential to energy savings (radiant heat gain from the sun) especially in the summer time in the event that you have air conditioning. The lighter the colour the more reflective the exterior coating becomes.

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