EnerGuide Outlines Deficiencies in Insulation and Ventilation - November 16th 2005

EnerGuide Outlines Deficiencies in Insulation and Ventilation

Q: I live in a 1000 Square foot house that was built 50 years ago. The roof is shingled and has 4 roof vents. The attic has shavings for insulation. The house is heated with a York heat pump that is approximately 23 years old. The problem is that I get ice build ups on the roof during the winter when there is snow on the roof. Would you please suggest what I could do to cure this problem?

A: Before you do anything please consider having the EnerGuide for Houses performed on your home. For information and a service provider in your area please call 1 800 387 2000. The EnerGuide Energy evaluation will outline the deficiencies in your home including air leakage, insulation, draft proofing, windows, ventilation furnace etc. This energy audit qualifies you for government upgrade grants. The ice build up problem is caused by air leakage and inadequate draft proofing and insulation in the home. Now is the time to upgrade. If appropriate you may want to contact TD Canada Trust for an equity loan to upgrade your home. They have a great program. As well you could consider CMHC for one of their assistance programs.