Cork Versus Other Sound Proofing Floor Products - July 12th 2005

Cork Versus Other Sound Proofing Floor Products

Q: On September 4th 2004 an article was published on putting cork under hardwood. Since that time Tony Gioventu has also reinforced this. All information gathered by us demonstrates this advantage and we are requiring owners to comply. Recently an owner was informed by NuFloors that they have a better product - I think she said Soft Sound - that cork was not the answer. Here in lies our question - do you have any information that supports their claim? As with any business there is the advantage of their package. We are currently reviewing how we handle requests for hardwood flooring.

A: Thank you for asking this question as it gives me a chance to say my piece. Yes, I am aware of the Soft Sound product as well as many others that are on or will come on the market in the future and yes the salesperson or retailer will always promote the product that they are stocking. But, let it be known that I have used and believe in cork as a sound deadening substraight and you know there is only one cork product. Good luck.