Cooling a Warm House in the Summer - September 21st 2005

Cooling a Warm House in the Summer

Q. I live in a 1650 square foot two story home. During these hot summer months our second floor is quite warm compared to our main level. We have closed all the vents in the basement and only have the ones open on the main floor which is needed, but it is still its quite warm upstairs with all the vents open. Anything else we can do?

A. During the hot summer months remove the attic access panel in the ceiling and turn on the summer fan on your furnace. To do this, shut the pilot light off on the furnace burner and remove the blower panel (front panel on the furnace) allowing the cool air from the basement to circulate up through the furnace duct system pushing the warm air up through the attic cavity and out the vents.

Note: You can place an inexpensive furnace filter over the attic access hole to stop any insulation bits or dust from coming down into your home.