Concrete Floor Flaking - November 16th 2005

Concrete Floor Flaking

Q: The cement floor in my basement flakes off (my house was built in 1928) and I would like to finish it. It is not a large area as it is where I have my furnace, sump pump and washer and dryer. Since I have installed the sump pump, I no longer have seepage in my basement, so far. But the cement floor does look and feel humid when we have a heavy rainfall.

What would you suggest to do so that I can have a finished look in this area? Is it possible to have a thin coat of cement applied? Would this be a good idea considering that I might have some seepage and/or humidity? Perhaps non-glued linoleum?

A: At your local Building Supply store purchase a product such as Target Bonded Topping mix or Top-N-Bond. Remove any loose flaking from the floor and following the instructions on the bag top-dress the area with the above material. Do the entire floor not just affected area. Wait for 7 days and then seal the surface with Aqua Seal available at Cloverdale Paint. Puddle the sealer onto the floor surface and spread with a roller.