Concrete Driveway Repairs - November 17th 2006

Concrete Driveway Repairs

Q: I just read your information concerning a concrete driveway on which the top surface was flaking and the stones in the concrete were coming loose and getting worse each year. You recommended a product called Bonded Topping Mix or Top-n-Bond and then after 7 days seal the surface with Aqua Seal. We have exactly the same problem with our driveway and are considering going ahead with this recommendation but are curious as to how long this repair will last.

A: Thank you for your letter outlining your concerns about the length of time this process would last. Please follow the instructions on the packages and refrain from doing this work in the heat of the sun. You are applying cement; the length of time expected for this repair to last will be totally dependent on your sweat equity during the application. Follow the instructions to the fullest.