Cleaning Black Streaks Off Gutters - August 29th 2005

Cleaning Black Streaks Off Gutters

Q: We have vinyl gutters that are only about two years old. They have vertical black streaks that just won't come off no matter what cleaner we try. We have cleaned the regular dirt off but these streaks just won't disappear. Can you advise us as to what will remove them?

A: The product to use is the Shell Busey "It's Just that Easy" Heavy Duty Cleaner. It is available in a trigger-activated bottle, easy to use and mop up with a sponge and rinse water. This product is ideal for vinyl or aluminium gutters, lawn furniture, siding, RV's, wood, stucco or vinyl decking. It is available from most Windsor Plywood and Home Hardware stores and at our HouseSmart Referral office in Surrey.