Cement Flaking Apart Where There is a Downspout - September 21st 2005

Cement Flaking Apart Where There is a Downspout

Q: We just bought a house in the spring of this year (2005). The house was built in 1989. I am having a problem with the cement flaking apart at one corner (NE) of my house. It seems to be above grade, but I haven't dug down to check yet. This is happening where there is a downspout and the flaking is behind the stucco coating that is also flaking off. It (the flaking) is from 1/2 an inch to 1+ inch deep. I was told that the previous owners sprinkling salt (or de-icer) on ice may have formed at the down spout and then chipping with a shovel in past wonderful Manitoba winters might be the cause of this. The corner at this point in time is still nice and "sharp" [90 degrees].

How do I go about fixing this problem and what should be used?? I am worried that if I clean out too much I may take away from the foundation. I want this done before it starts to get to cold out.   Can you help me before this becomes a major problem (if it isn't already)??

A: Clean all the loose cement facing off of the concrete wall. Apply a full strength coat of Weldbond all-purpose wood adhesive to a damp surface and allow drying. Using bonded topping mix cement apply a coat as per instructions and allow curing for one week. To complete the project apply a heavy brush coat of Cloverdale Paint's Aqua Seal to seal the porosity of the concrete. Run your down pipes away from the house approximately 3 - 4 feet to protect the affected area.