Bri-wax For Furniture Marks - October 20th 2006

Bri-wax For Furniture Marks

Q: I have a large round pedestal oak table that we use as our dinner table. I had a large quilt over it as my tablecloth. Over Easter my son placed a large cookie rack full of cooled cookies on the tablecloth. He and I had assumed (wrongly) that the cookies had cooled completely. It wasn't until a few days later when I removed the quilt tablecloth that I noticed a large (the size of the cookie sheet) white spot on the surface of the table. What, if anything, can be done by myself to bring back the table to its original beauty? Any suggestions would be helpful....

A: The white mark on your table was caused by heat, however it can also be repaired. To repair you will need to purchase Bri-Wax as well as super fine steel wool (0000). I would suggest you do the entire surface of the table starting in one corner and working with the grain. When you reach the white mark concentrate on the area until the mark has been removed. Finish the entire top and allow to dry for 2 - 3 minutes then buff with a soft cloth. You can purchase Bri-wax at Rona or Windsor Plywood stores.