Before Laying Your Basement Floor... - February 25th 2011

Before Laying Your Basement Floor...

Q) Have you heard of "FIBEROCK Underlayment" for putting on basement floors that are potentially subject to moisture, but not actual water? We saw this product advertised at a big box store. We are looking to put something on basement floor before installing laminate or carpet. The 4' x 8' sheets are almost double the price of DRIcore. Is it worth the additional cost?

A) I would suggest a product called Delta-FL which is a dimpled plastic membrane installed directly over the concrete once you have sealed it, allowing the concrete to breathe while providing an insulated basement floor and warmer room. At this point you can lay your plywood sub floor, followed by the flooring of your choice. Other wise the DRIcore would be next best buy for the more money.