Be careful when painting siding - The Province, Sunday August 7th - August 8th 2011

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Before painting aluminum or vinyl siding clean thoroughly with my Home Cleaning Formula.  Aluminum and vinyl sidings are both affected by the heat of the sun causing expansion in the daytime and contraction caused by the cooling in the evening. Therefore aluminum or vinyl siding should NOT be painted a colour darker than the original colour of the siding. This is to stop any wrinkling in the siding caused by a darker colour expanding under sunny conditions as the siding was originally nailed compensating for the expansion and contraction of the original colour.

When painting use an acrylic latex paint such as EcoLogic from Cloverdale Paint. Apply with synthetic/nylon brush. Paint one or two rows of siding at a time the complete length of the home and make sure to keep a wet edge.

Wood Siding

1. Scrape or wire brush off any loose paint.
2. Wash with my Home Cleaning Formula to remove any dirt and algae. A car wash or turks head cleaning brush works great. Leave the cleaning formula on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Scrub solution vigorously on the surface and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow to dry. (Use gloves and eye protection and follow the manufacturer's instructions). Don't forget to cover your plants and shrubs.
3. Make all needed repairs. Patch and fill all holes and cracks using an all purpose wood filler, replace loose or rotted wood.
4. Caulk siding joints and around windows and doors using a paintable exterior acrylic latex caulking. Make sure vents in soffits and eaves are clean.
5. Sand all patches smooth.
6. Areas under the gutters and soffits not exposed to sunlight or shiny areas should be
scuff sanded with 80 grit sandpaper to maximize paint or stain adhesion.
7. Spot prime all repaired or bare areas with fast dry alkyd primer.
8. Stain using an acrylic latex solid colour stain such as WeatherOne from Cloverdale Paint. If you would prefer to paint your wood siding, paint with an exterior acrylic latex paint or elastomeric coating such as Towerthon. Paint / Stain one or two rows of siding at a time the complete length of the home and make sure to keep a wet edge.

Note: It is important to start these projects when the weather forecast calls for no rain for a few days. Do not apply paint or stain in direct sunlight.