Applying Granite Finish to Cracking Tiles - April 19th 2005

Applying Granite Finish to Cracking Tiles

Dear Shell,

The steps and deck of the front entrance to my home consist of red slate tiles that are 6"X2"and 3/8" thick. These are the original tiles from when this house was built 25yrs ago. The tiles are now breaking up, cracking, and pieces are breaking off. Is there some material that I can purchase to cover these tiles similar to a gravel cement or something of that nature.

Peter, Vancouver

Dear Peter,

Clean the surface using my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well with clean water. Apply a brush coat of bonded topping mix (Target or Ocean Brand). Allow the product to cure. Trowel on a 2nd coat of bonded topping mix using a thicker consistency levelling over the entire surface, Then apply a finish coat using Granite Finish, an exterior Do It Yourself coating that resembles granite. This product is available exclusively at Home Hardware stores and Home Hardware Building Centres.